NTS Holster Jamaica

Gun Holsters
Made In Jamaica


Meticulously designed for discreet carry, our holsters provide ultimate comfort and dependable retention.


Engineered for easy draw and all-day wear, our holsters blend convenience with reliability.


Designed for quick and secure magazine changes, our pouches ensure you're always prepared.

Why Choose NTS Holster

Choose us for the perfect holster—concealment with easy access.
Your holster matters as much as your firearm.
Choose wisely, choose us!


Experience unmatched durability and performance with our meticulously crafted holsters, using premium materials and cutting-edge techniques.

Customized Fit

Each holster is designed to perfectly fit your firearm, providing a snug and secure hold that enhances comfort and accessibility.

Innovative Design

Innovative designs for easy use, quick draw, and seamless reholstering—ideal for any carry.


Find the perfect fit: outside holsters for open carry, inside holsters for concealed carry. Your needs, your solutions.

Uncompromised Safety

Our holsters prevent accidental trigger engagement, ensuring firearm safety.

Exceptional Comfort

Comfort all day:Ergonomic, adjustable holsters ensure confident firearm carry without compromising movement.


Hear it directly from those who rely on our holsters.

"I've been through countless holsters, but yours stands out. The quick draw and perfect fit elevate my shooting game. Whether on the range or in competition, it's my go-to choice for unmatched performance.

John S. Expert Marksman

As someone who values both comfort and safety, your holster has been a game-changer. I forget I'm even wearing it, and the peace of mind knowing my firearm is secure is priceless.

Emily R. Everyday Carrier

In my line of work, having a reliable holster is paramount. Your holsters not only meet, but exceed the demands of duty. The retention and ease of use are second to none. I trust my life with your product

Carlos M. Law Enforcement Officer