NTS Holster Jamaica

OWB (outside waistband) Holster



Our Outside Waistband (OWB) holster has been meticulously crafted with a focus on minimalism, offering an exceptional balance between enhanced concealment and reduced weight. The innovative design of our holster ensures that it seamlessly integrates with your attire, allowing you to carry discreetly without compromising on comfort or style.

What sets our high cut OWB holsters apart is their purposeful construction, tailored to cater to both your everyday carry needs and your experiences at the shooting range. We understand the significance of a holster that can effortlessly transition from your daily routine to a dynamic range session, and that’s why our high cut OWB holsters are the ideal choice.

Whether you’re navigating the demands of your daily life or engaging in recreational shooting activities, our OWB holsters are designed to deliver. Experience the fusion of practicality, comfort, and precision that our high cut OWB holsters bring to your concealed carry and range practices. Your holster should be an extension of your readiness, and with our OWB holsters, you can confidently embrace every situation.

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